Powder Coating ~

Custom Powder Coating Industries served~

 Industrial, Agricultural, Consumer, Automotive, Signs, Frames, Manufacturing and Fabrication projects. 

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What Is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is a dry finishing process that provides a high-quality, durable protective finish for virtually almost all metal.  Environmentally friendly by eliminating the dual problems of solvent emissions and solid wastes. Which makes Powder Coating today the fastest growing finishing concept.  

Multiple Coating Applications~

  We have coatings that will meet your specification and job demands.

 Various coatings available,include: specialty, performance and compliance.  A near limitless range of colors in flat, satin and gloss. If we dont have your color, we will find it with our color match technology.   

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It is important for us to see the item to determine the work required in order to give an accurate and fair assessment on pricing. Each application varies based upon the type of metal and the preparation required. 

Factors that affect the Price~

Surface Prep work required: 

*Removal of rust, corrosion, existing coating*Sand blasting *Cleaning/degreasing  *Masking/Taping (high temp tape) *Plugging *Primer applied or two coating applications.


What type of Material/Substrates~ 

Steel, Cold rolled Hot rolled, Galvanized, Aluminum, Stainless,

Colors/ Specialty Coating~

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What is your Powder Coat project?

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